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Pokemon TV app now on Kindle Fire
By yu6 on 24/04/14 04:56 AM in the category Anime, Others

The Pokémon Company announced that the Pokémon TV app is now available on Kindle Fire platform.

The app was previouusly released for iOS and Android. This app is free to download from here:
Until next time!! :ciao: Bye!

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New episode titles announded for Pocket Monsters XY
By yu6 on 24/04/14 04:49 AM in the category Anime

The magazine Pokémon Fan revealed five new episode titles for Pocket Monsters XY:

ペロッパフとペロリーム!!甘い戦いはあまくない!?(Swirlix and Slurpuff!! The Sweet Battle isn't a Piece of Cake!?) will air May 15, 2014
フラべべと妖精の花! Flabébé and the Fairy Flower! will air May 22, 2014
チャンピオン・カルネ登場!霧の中のメガサーナイト!!」 (Champion Diantha Appears! Mega Gardevoir in the Mist!! will air May 29, 2014
ジャジャーン!ニセサトシ現る!(Ta-da! Fake Ash Appears!!) will air May 29, 2014.

Source: bulbapedia
Until next time!! :ciao: Bye!

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Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie: new japanese trailer
By yu6 on 16/04/14 04:46 AM in the category Movies

A new trailer for the upcoming movie: Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie is available!

Until next time!! :ciao: Bye!

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CoroCoro announce the Japanese Diancie giveaway
By yu6 on 12/04/14 07:38 PM in the category Movies, Videogames

CoroCoro reveals new informations about the Japanese giveaway of the legendary Pokémon Diancie.

Diancie will be distributed in Japanese theaters from July 19, 2014 until September 30, 2014.
Diancie level il 50 and has the following moves: Diamond Storm, Reflect, Moonblast and Return. It will hold a Normal Gem.
For now we don't know if this same Diancie will be givenaway outside Japan via the Wi-Fi, so stay tuned!
Surce: serebii

Until next time!! :ciao: Bye!

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New characters confirmed for the new Super Smash Bros
By yu6 on 09/04/14 03:03 AM in the category Videogames

Thanks to the Nintendo Direct, today we have new infromations about the characters that will be featured.
A new item, the Master Ball, will give you access to ledgendary Pokémon (like Keldeo, Meloetta, Xerneas (earlier announced), Arceus, Entei and Victini) and standard Pokémon (like Fennekin, Meowth, Electrode and Gogoat).
The Final Smash of Lucario is its Mega Evolution and the Final Smash of Charizard is its Mega Evolution (the X version).
Chandelure will be an enemy in a special adventure mode.
Greninja is a newcomer to the game

Source: serebii

Until next time!! :ciao: Bye!

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Pokemon Black & White Super Music Collection now available on iTunes!
By yu6 on 08/04/14 11:48 PM in the category Others

The sixth official soundtrack collection (Diamond & Pearl) is finally available on iTunes!

Pokémon Black & Pokémon White: Super Music Collection, GAME FREAK

There's 173 osts and the complete collection cost $ 9,99 (one ost cost $ 0,99).
See ya! :ciao:

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